Open the door to the world's best educational content

HITCH offers a very large library of the world's best educational videos, focusing on the topics of importance for WAEC exams, such as WASSCE. A curated exam preparation track makes it easy to cover all the right material for a given exam.

HITCH also provides videos covering general skills development and academic topics of interest that can be explored for self-directed learning.

We make educational videos available on-demand on almost any device. In schools, we can even provide full availability of these videos while the internet connection is not operational.

  • Upgrade your library to world class digital content
  • Enhance textbooks and curricula with engaging on-topic videos
  • Increase teacher performance and productivity by employing the world's best educational video creators to do some of the teaching

Innovative Equipment

  • Students can connect directly to HITCH equipment, rather than the open internet, so you can trust that there is no distraction
  • With on-site equipment, our service can continue to work even during intermittent loss of internet or electricity
  • We automatically update, add video content, and deliver the freshest experience

I believe that this is a solution that can change the face of the Nigerian educational system, making learning attractive and rightly equipping teachers to deliver excellence.

- Victor Okwanozor, Ruby British School

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